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24 Terrace Road, Edenvale, 1609
09:30 – 11:00

1. God Glorifying – “All of God in all of life.”
2. Bible Practicing – “No biblical principle is optional.”
3. Honesty – “Only the truth, all the time.”
4. Transparency – “Everything is dealt with openly.”
5. Authenticity – “We will not pretend.”
6. Loving – “What we do for the least, we do for Christ.”
7. Mission Minded – “It’s not about us.”
8. Every Member Has At Least One Job – “My gift serves Jesus’ body.”
9. Community – “I am not an island, I exist with and for others.”

Whether you’re attending church for the first time, moving churches or just visiting, there is nothing you need to bring along. If you have a bible, great! if you don’t and you would like one, you only need ask one of our members and we’ll source a bible in a language you can understand.

Some of us dress smartly, some dress casually. We’ve always viewed church as a gathering of God’s family and so come dressed in whatever you would wear to family lunch. 

We currently meet in a preschool hall which means while we love having children in the service, there are loads of things to keep them occupied should they become restless.

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For tithes, donations, or to give toward the church’s benevolence fund, please use the following bank details:

Edenvale Community Church
Nedbank Business Account : 1217339663
Branch Code : 10221000