Beliefs & Practices

Jesus is at the center of all we do. We believe that by His word and His work on the cross, we have all we need for personal Christian living, Church life, and to fulfill the missional mandate given to the church.

1. Our Statement of belief

We as a church affirm the 2017 statement of belief.
You can download it here:

2. Church Constitution

It is important that we as a church have procedures in place, drawn from Scripture, on how to govern ourselves with Christ as our Head.

3. Being a Part of The Family

We don’t use the word family lightly. Discipleship is one of our core pillars and so you’ll never just be a seat-warmer here. We believe each of us is gifted in a specific way to serve our brothers and sisters in Christ and our communities for the honour and glory of God.

Family also means we’re transparent and honest in all things and so if you have any questions or would like someone to get in touch with you, email us at or chat to one of the members after the service.